Friday, July 2, 2010

New Look 6478 take 3

New Look take 3

New Look take 3
I am Sasha! Hear me roar! No clue where she comes up with these.

New Look take 3

New Look take 3

Stretch Rayon blend jersey knit in Berry from Ribbon from my stash. Probably bought 4 years ago.

This dress is not my shining moment. LOL
I think from the outside its a pretty passable piece of clothing for Ally, but HOLY COW if you look at the construction on the inside. shudder... Its not pretty.

I either got cocky after making the 4th of July dress, or the sewing gods just wanted to see me cry. I'm going share a little secret with you - the lime green ribbon - I had absolutely no intention of using it for this dress. None, what so ever. So why's it there? Can anyone guess??

Yup - I sewed the wrong side of the back to the right side of the front and didn't notice until AFTER I trimmed the seams, and steamed. It was either seam rip it all and hope I can sew the correct "new" seam allowance, or find something to mask the mistake. The instruction don't have you double turn the casing for the elastic so I needed something to cover the raw edge. Seeing as how I have 4 more yards of this pink material and ribbons galore from when I actually thought we'd be able to tame Ally's hair with bows - I went for the "what the hell, let's see if we can salvage this".

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