Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Working on the blog. Sorry for the current crappiness.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sewing Room update

I did a little shopping for me on Sat. I realized I wasn't sewing as much as I should be because the iron & board are downstairs. I would hem and haw about sewing knowing that I would have to lug out the board, iron the fabric downstairs, put the board & iron away (too scared Ally will burn herself) go upstairs & cut & sew, then back down to set up the iron again, up to sew, down to iron, up to sew...You get the picture. So Saturday I went out and got myself an over the door ironing board and my very own iron! YAY!! I'm not completely thrilled with the over the door board, but I think I can rig up another "foot" to stabilize it.

I spent ALL day Saturday holed up in my sewing den. I got the tops of 4 place mats for my mom done. Now I need to machine quilt and bind them. I've never quilted before, so I'm a little nervous about that.

I also whipped up the most adorable sun dress for Ally. The fit seems a little off in the armpits though. I can't tell if they need to be scooped out and deeper, or if the dress itself is too wide. She doesn't hold still long enough to really figure it out. Any ideas?


I have no idea what this pose is about.

I desperately wanted to sew some more last night, but it was, no lie 98 degrees in that room last night. I was dripping with sweat just fixing up a pillow for my sister. I sent DH a not so subtle hint that I want an AC unit for my sewing room for Mother's Day.

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