Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why I only sew what I want to sew....

So I promised my mom I'd make her placemats for our summer place for her birthday - in JANUARY. The placemats, they're not done. Not even close. I have 3 tops completed and a 4th that's already quilted. I still need to cut and piece 4 more, then quilt the 7 of them, then bind them all.


So - I've been completely ignoring my sewing room. Pretending it doesn't even exist. I have the cutest 4th of July dress I want to make Ally, but I refuse to go in there. I've told myself I can't sew anything until I finish those place-mats, so I've sewn nothing. Nada. Not a stitch in over a month.

The last thing I finished was about 60 key fobs and I only let myself do those because they brought in some money.

So tell me internets, how to I get my mojo back enough to plow through and finish these? My fabric stash and sanity will thank you, as will my mom whose wondering if she'll ever see these placemats.

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