Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ally's Rag Quilt

So I bought this fabric in December I think. Ally picked it out. Cut it in early January and then it sat. And sat. And sat.

Today I had planned to start my mom's placemats and table runner. I feel like crap though and figured now was probably not the time to cut into my mom's fabric. Especially on cold meds.

I instead decided to do Ally's quilt. FINALLY. Piecing was easy enough. I didn't even bother pinning. Bad, bad Sarah! I know, but hey, its a RAG quilt.

After 2 snips with my regular scissors I realized why spring loaded are recommended. I promptly took my drug enhanced body out to JoAnns and realized that that was probably a really bad idea. Had a massive dizzy spell and almost had to sit down. It didn't stop me from buying an awesome red, white and blue floral print for a 4th of July dress for Ally and some Ariel flannel for pjs for her, though. LOL

Rag Quilt

Rag Quilt


  1. That is darling! Both my little girls would go crazy over this!!! Great job!

    Thanks for linking up!!

  2. Very cute!! I love rag quilts. I found you from New Friend Friday at The Girl Creative.