Monday, March 22, 2010

The Quilt

Its FINALLY done. Finally!! This was the project that (sort of) started the sewing obsession. Last Spring my sister and I decided to do an all day quilting class. I have no clue what possessed us to do it, but we did. We decided we'd make large bags for our kids for Easter. Huge bags. Bags much larger than we thought they'd be. Our plan was to put their Easter treats in. They turned out to be big enough to put the KIDS in. LOL But the bug was planted.

This fall we decided to do the weekly quilting class. I chose the Boxy-Moxie Free pattern along with the Apple line by Timeless Treasures.

We took the classes from Sept until Jan. I managed to get the entire quilt cut, pieced and sewn by Jan. My friend's mom quilted it for me and then it sat.

My sister decided she hates quilting and $140 is awfully pricey for a hobby she doesn't like. I wasn't fond of taking the class without her. I still had to bind the quilt, though. I was afraid to try binding on my own. Finally, I just went for it. And it wasn't as bad as I thought. Oh, sure my "mitred" corners aren't so much mitred as they are controlled chaos. But its done!!

Quilt 1

quilt 2

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