Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Candy Corn and 2 wadders...

So its been forever and a day since I've updated this blog.  With no air conditioning in the sewing room, NOTHING got done this summer.  Its finally cool enough to venture back in.

I had started a nightgown for Ally from some silky type material that I picked up - I have no idea where I picked it up..LOL  It came out horrible.  My machine broke about 1/3rd of the way through, and I gave up.  The machine sat broken for weeks.

Yesterday, I finally braved the room, took the machine apart, cleaned it all up and it WORKED!  Go me.  Made this awesomely cute Candy Corn T-shirt for Ally.  I took 4 t-shirts - cheapo's from ACMoore.  Cut a 2" strip from the white, orange and yellow.  Then using the handy tip I'm seeing all over the internet, I set my tension as high as it could go with the longest stitch.  It gave it a little ruffle.  I wanted more - so I pulled on the threads.  I then laid the ruffles out on a scrap piece of the white t-shirt, and sewed the ruffles down.

Since I'm a HORRIBLE at drawing, I had DH draw me a candy corn (yes, I really am THAT BAD!) on some heat and bond.  Ironed it onto the wrong side of the ruffle scrap and then cut out the candy corn shape.  That then got ironed onto my non-destroyed white t-shirt and for extra security I sewed around the entire design.  She LOVED IT and ran off with it before I could get a picture of it.

Feeling awfully proud of myself, I decided to make her a t-shirt dress.  OOOH BOY.  I should have stopped while I was ahead.  I took another cheapo ACMoore t-shirt.  Chopped it off about 4"below the armpits (mistake #1 - I should have cut it at 2" for an empire waist).  Then I took a large flower print that DH hated and had been sitting in my stash and created a skirt for the dress.  Tried it on Ally and YIKES - it looked like she was wearing a giant muu-muu and I had somehow managed to get the skirt seam to end up 3" towards the front of the dress instead of the side like I had wanted.

I refused to give up though.  I added a casing to the waist to try and give the dress some definition (even though DH was already proclaiming it the ugliest thing he ever saw).  I really should have just stopped.

The casing was just b-a-r-e-l-y big enough to get my 1/4" elastic through.  So tight I bent my metal threader thingy (technical term).  Finally got it through and then I couldn't get the dress evenly spread around.  I had close to 4 inches of elastic stuck just hanging out.  Thinking this was the BACK of the dress, I gave up, sewed it down and put it back on Ally.  You guessed it - it was the front of the dress.  So I have a nicely fitted back side and still muu-muu in the front.  Sigh.......
No pictures.  It was just too horrible.

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